10 Role Playing Ideas You And Your Partner Should Try

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life with your partner then you may want to think about role playing. Out of all the fetishes in the world, this is perhaps one of the most interesting, and why some people enjoy it.

You may think role playing is stupid and childish, if you try it, you’ll discover it can be badass. Role playing allows you be who you want to be, and with that energy you can psychologically make yourself better in bed. Being someone else can help you lose your inhibitions, it can inject fun into your sex life.

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Here are a few other reasons why you should do it, you can be in love with your partner but have a crush on someone else, which other scenario allows you to be with that person without cheating? It’s easy, that’s role playing. Another reason is that it is something that can resurrect the sex life with your partner. Being someone else can take .

Stripper – Client is one every guy should give a try. The experience may blow your mind.

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If you’re new to this, here are things you should know, forget that the entire darn thing looks stupid. Go with the flow, you already agreed to try it. Say for instance, you always wanted to play a house girl, that her boss sleeps with.

You can go the full length but wearing the kind of clothes house maids wear and make similar hair style.

You and your partner will get a kick out of it. Here are examples of role-playing ideas you and your spouse can enact.

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1 Landlord – Tenant

Some people have sexy landlords, so by all means go ahead

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