Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 31 March 2021

Zara’s Nikah 31 March 2021: Zara shows Shahbaz in another room, she calls Kabir and says Ruksaar tried to kill Shahbaz today, she is not scared of us, what to do? Kabir says she will stay in isolation now where she can’t hurt anyone. She will stay there until her baby is born. Zara says you are right. She grabs Ruksaar’s hand and says we didn’t say anything to you because you are pregnant but if you do anything now then you will be sent to jail. She brings Ruksaar in a room and says you will stay in this room all the time, this is your jail and you will get food here too. Zeenat says you are right Zara, it’s good that Kabir didn’t call the police. Zara says we will make a ward here like a hospital so you will be treated here in case of an emergency, pray to God now. They lock her in the room and leave.

After a month, Zara is playing music for Shahbaz.

Kabir and Zara start enjoying their lives. Kabir shows his wish to have a baby with Zara. She blushes.

With time, Amaan starts studying again.

A nurse comes to check on Ruksaar, she asks how is Shahbaz? But the nurse doesn’t answer and leave. She thinks if Shahbaz becomes fine then he will tell the truth.

With time, Shahbaz starts eating ice-cream on his own.

After some time, Zara shows the video of Shahbaz’s improvements to the sharia board. She shows how he can eat on his own now. Zara says I haven’t done anything, he really wanted to eat the ice-cream and he tried for it. The head priest says this is a change, we want to give you 6 months time for Shahbaz to make fine.

Scene 2
Zara tells Kabir that I have a way to find out why Ruksaar is scaring Shahbaz. They come to Shahbaz. Zara tells Shahbaz that he looks fit and handsome. Shahbaz smiles at her. Zeenat is confused as he looks the same. Zara asks Shahbaz what thing is hurting him? What makes him agitated? I will show you pictures. She shows him Ruksaar’s picture and he gets angry. Zara says don’t worry, we are with you. Did Ruksaar do something with me or Kabir? She shows him pictures of the family but he doesn’t react and shakes his head. She points at Kashan and Zeenat’s picture but he shakes his head. He sees Ayesha’s picture and gets agitated. Kabir stops and asks if Ruksaar did anything with Ayesha? He nods. Kabir asks what did she do? Zeenat gets scared and thinks I need to tell the truth. She says I will tell the truth.. she cries and says I was threatened before but I will tell now.. Kabir says tell me now. Zeenat says Ruksaar… Salma comes there and says Ruksaar ruined Shahbaz’s life and Ruksaar took away Kabir’s mother away, Ruksaar killed Ayesha. Kabir is stunned. All cry hearing that. Kabir says Ayesha gave her family and love, made her daughter and that Ruksaar.. killed my mother? Zara asks Salma how does she know? Salma says I found Ayesha’s letter which says that Ruksaar was giving her poison to slowly kill her. Kabir cries reading the letter. Zara says where did you find it? Salma says I was cleaning the wardrobe and found her box there, I read this letter and was shocked. Kabir cries and hugs Salma. Amaan comes there too. Zara asks Shahbaz if he wanted to tell this only? He nods.

Amaan shouts at Ruksaar’s room that she killed Ayesha and Kabir will punish her. He kicks at her door. Ruksaar gets scared and takes some pills. She says I won’t go to jail. Kabir and others are coming to Ruksaar’s room. Kabir opens Ruksaar’s room but Ruksaar falls down and cries in pain. All are stunned to see her in labor pain. Salma says her baby is in danger. Zeenat and Salma help her. Zeenat calls the doctor while Zara looks on. She thinks I have to save her innocent baby.

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