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5 reasons why people ghost after a date

Men and women come in several behavioural layers. As such, one might not feel connected to his/her date regardless of how beautiful and intelligent the person may appear.

Getting a call back is not entirely dependent on how well the date goes. A date can go sour and afterward, the person would reach out. Also, It could go well and you get ghosted.

Ghosting, after a date, is based on different reasons and some far from how the date turns out. However, getting ghosted is not a gender-specific experience, men get ghosted just as women do after a date.

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Someone’s reason for ghosting you has little to do with you. It could be a result of attachment issues, emotional level, and several more.

Here are 5 of the common reasons why people ghost after a date;

1. They are not into commitments
People go on dates for different reasons. Some for the fun of sharing a meal with a person, some to find a rebound and others to find a possible lifetime partner. When your motive doesn’t match theirs, there is a possibility, you won’t be getting a call or text back, after the day out together. Commitment in a relationship is a big step and certain people are not in that frame of mind to take the step.

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