Why Do Nigerian Girls Suddenly Have Financial Problem When You As Them Out – Rico Swavey Quizzes

BBNaija star Rico Swavey seems to be in a dilemma as he wonders why Nigerian girls suddenly have financial problems when you ask them out.
Rico Swavey seems to have had an encounter with a lady who suddenly got a financial problem after he asked her out took to social media to ask why it is so that Nigerian ladies only get a financial problem when you ask them out.

Some ladies of today always use this trick of asking men for money on the first date to chase them away or make them lose interest in them but some just ask for the fun of it and that might be what someone did to Rico Swavey.

No one knows the reason why the lady Rico Swavey had an encounter with suddenly got a financial problem asking him money but then for him to come online to lament over it shows he wasn’t expecting that and is overwhelmed.

Ladies asking men for money isn’t something new hence Rico Swavey lamenting over ladies suddenly having financial problems when you ask them out shows he has any experience with that and he seems not to understand why.

screenshot below;

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