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5 Wrong Ideas About Anal Sex You May Believe

In this part of the world we are skeptical about discussing anything sexual. Penetrative sex? Maybe, ? Maybe not yet, ? Don’t even think about it, it’s abominable.
It’s vehemently frowned upon but some people are ahead of their time, and have already started participating in it, and it is not as bad as it has been put forward by several people.

As with anything in life, people will always partake in things that are unpopular things at the time. In a matter of time, it will become mainstream but if you’re still on the fence of the matter, Cosmopolitan sat down with Dr. Kat Van Kirk, a family therapist, and clinical sexologist to talk about the myths about anal sex, and why it’s not a bad idea.

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 1: Only sluts have anal sex

Girls who participate in anal sex are not sluts.

Fact: You must have heard this before, that people who do anal sex are those who are really bad because it is taboo subject. In studies, it is voted first place taboo sexual experimentation anyone wants to try. They’re trying something new, that’s all. If you’re not so judgemental, you can try it yourself.

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