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Top 5 S*x Positions That Guarantees Unlimited Spanking

If you’re into , then you must have unlocked the thrill that comes with pain and pleasure simultaneously. For those who are not into it that much, but are having some thoughts about it, let us help you get into the groove in a simple way. Never forget the safe word.
Here are sex positions listed that you can help you unravel the beast inside you, as listed by Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan.

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1. Spank the monkey

Spank the Monkey
This is an excellent position for punishing the naughty girl, make your lady lay on your laps with their knees bent in a shape that the ass shoots out. As the person in charge, you have to tease as much as you bring the pain, you can spank her with a whip, spatula and crowd favorite, your hand. In between the spanks, you can put your hand underneath and rub the clitoris.

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