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5 long distance relationship mistakes that can lead to breakup

When you and your partner live in different cities (or even countries), you might spend most of your energy trying to build a quality connection with each other across the miles.

But a number of subtle mistakes that long-distance partners make might not be the ones you expect, but could be powerful enough to lead to a breakup.

Instead of addressing issues with communication or reoccurring fights that you’re having, you might write these problems off as what just comes with the territory when you’re in a long-distance relationship.

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But it’s crucial not to let issues in your relationship slide if you’re planning on being reunited in person. Here are some subtle mistakes that people can make in a long-distance relationship.

1. Doubting the legitimacy of the relationship

If the people in your life are suggesting that your long-term relationship isn’t as valid or as “real” as it would be if your partner lived in your city, it can be easy to let their opinions affect the way you see your own relationship. Even if your partner is far away, your bond with them can be as deep and true as any other couple’s connection.

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