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5 things you shouldn’t do when your partner cheats

Whether your partner makes out with someone else or has a months-long affair, being cheated on hurts.

But that doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t worth repairing, a choice that is yours alone to make.

There will always be those friends and family who insist that you leave, but only you can decide what’s right for you.

And while infidelity is painful, a relationship does usually get better when people are committed and they are working hard to establish a trust and are truly remorseful.

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Below are five things you shouldn’t do when your partner cheats.

1. Don’t ignore the infidelity
You might be tempted to act as if nothing happened because it feels less painful, but if you do, any resentment you have will likely fester, and what’s more, you won’t address the underlying problems in the relationship. The most important thing is to understand the meaning of the infidelity, because many, many times it’s a reflection on the satisfaction in the relationship. Cheating really happens in a kind of attempt by the cheater to bring some attention to the problems in the relationship.

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