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3 things your tongue reveals about your health

Ever wondered why a physician inspects a patient’s tongue during a clinical examination?

It is because the varying tongue colour can reveal healthand the severity of the disease and hence aid appropriately assessing their condition.

However, when the tongue looks pink in colour, it ratifies its soundness. While a little change, pressure or pain in the tongue can point towards certain health problems.

Let’s find out what your tongue says about your body wellness.

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1. The white tongue

The white coating or patches can be indicating a serious health condition or a hygiene issue such as:

  • Oral candidiasis

An overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans causes oral thrush or other yeast diseases. C. Albicans is always present in your mouth and is completely harmless. The Symbiotic bacteria in your body keep C. Albicans under control if your immune system is functioning properly. However, if your immune health is weakened or bacterial growth is disrupted, the fungus can spread out of control making the tongue appear white or patchy.

  • Leukoplakia
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Leukoplakia generally occurs in the mucosal tissues of the mouth, developing thick, white or greyish patches. A mild leukoplakia is not so serious and goes on its own, but the advanced stages of this condition can be an indication of oral cancer or serious illness.

  • Oral lichen planus

An immunological response causes oral lichen planus, affecting the mucosal membrane of the mouth. Swollen tissues, white spots, and open sores are prevalent in this condition.

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