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5 reasons why beauty is now stereotyped

Beauty is supposed to mean different things to different people because at the heart of it beauty is diverse.

There is no one way to be a beautiful woman or man. But with modernism, we see a unification of what it means to be beautiful. We all have to look a certain way.

If you asked someone 100 years ago who is a beautiful woman their answer would be based on their continent, the country, tribe and their culture. There was no universal definition of who a beautiful woman was.


For those of the Wodaabe tribe in the Northern Chad beauty meant decorating their faces with red like substances, for the Mursi women in Australia wearing plates in their mouths was a symbol of beauty and the Maasais’ of East Africa adorned their necks with different beads and rings.

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Popular culture has brought about celebrities and influencers. These are people who others are interested in their lives. People want to look and dress like them.

People have become billionaires based on an image they project that people want to copy. An easy example will be Kylie andKim.

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