Touching Story: How Kim Kardashian Helped Kanye West Out Of A Big Debt Years Ago

Before Kanye West, there were only two people in hip-hop whose net-worths ever crossed the N1billion mark.
And that’s P. Diddy and Jay-Z, both industrious entrepreneurs, who have built a fortune for themselves, investing in a lot of businesses. Of course, nobody makes a billion just doing music only, it’s gotta be a whole lot of investments.

Kanye West, who Forbes named as a billionaire last year, is a veteran hip-hop artist and producer and has been in the game for two decades. He commands respect far and wide and that’s even before people knew he had money.

Anyway, now he has money and he’s a billionaire(the richest black man in America maybe), he owns an empire and he’s married to one of the most influential people on the planet, Reality TV personality, Kim Kardashian. Although that last bit is falling apart due to a divorce filing.

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But way back in 2016, Kanye West wasn’t as rich as he is today. In fact, he didn’t just go broke, he was in debt. A couple of businesses he had done must have gone wrong, putting the rap star in a big deficit of about $53million. He actually tweeted about it.

How did he get out of that debt though? Well, this story isn’t thrown around every other day, but it looked like it was Kim who bailed him out.

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Less than a month after the Kanye tweet that suggested he was in a big debt, Kim Kardashian tweeted that she’s cashing out $80 million, and putting $53 in a joint account. And that’s exactly how much Kanye needed to clear his debt.

Kim Kardashian, who made her name and fortune doing Reality TV, is also an entrepreneur and she’s just as innovative as Kanye. How she got the $80 million that she took the $53 from? Well, it was from her Kimoji app, which became an instant hit. Something Kanye didn’t even have a hand in.

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Now, Kim K took out more than 2/3 of the money she got and gave it to Kanye, to start over. Not a lot of women can do that, honestly. But Kim did, and today Kanye is a billionaire.

How Kanye went from nothing to Billionaire, will be a story for another day. But today, let’s admire Kim Kardashian because what she did is what superwomen do!

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