3 juicing recipes for weight loss

Juicing allows us to increase our daily fruit and vegetable intake, boost our vitamin levels, support our immune system, and lose weight

Making homemade juices that are low in fruit and high in vegetables can aid in weight loss, especially if you replace sugary drinks with your healthy green juice.

Here are 3 juicing recipes that are hydrating, high in nutrients, and can help satisfy a sugar craving.


1. Bitter gourd juice

To begin with, when you cut the bitter gourd to make the juice, do not remove the skin, as the skin has the maximum benefits and is full of nutrients. If the seeds are tender enough then you don’t have to remove the seeds as well. Place the bitter gourd and ginger into the juicer and extract the juice out. Add some water, lemon juice, turmeric powder, salt, black salt, honey, pepper and give it a good stir. Your Karela juice is ready to serve maximum benefits to health and build immunity.

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