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4 causes of back pain during pregnancy

You’ve been praying for a baby for months, and now you’re finally pregnant. But nobody told you the amount of pain you would have to go through.

Of course you’re happy; the pain would end in glory when you eventually get delivered of your baby. Right now, however, your back aches unbearably. Why?

Pregnant women frequently experience back pain. Although it shows that your baby is growing, it can still be difficult to endure. Below are possible reasons you feel the pain:

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The most obvious sign of pregnancy to outsiders is weight gain. Not just because of your protruding belly, but also because your hips begin to widen, and you generally become fatter, gaining about 25 pounds. Your spine has to carry all that weight, which may cause lower back pain. Despite that, the weight of the growing fetus alone is enough to put pressurize the blood vessels and nerves in the back.

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