4 home remedies to reduce pregnancy-induced back pain

Back pain is very common during the early stages of pregnancy and is most prevalent during the fifth to seventh months of the pregnancy.

The pain is usually localized to the lower back and spreads to the thighs, legs and buttocks. With day-to-day activities, the pain may even worsen, causing sleepless nights and painful days.

If you had backaches even before pregnancy, chances are, they will worsen during this time.

Almost 50-75 per cent of pregnant women experience aches. In fact, there is a reason for every ache in your body:

  • Lower back pain is caused due to instability in the pelvis and the lumbar spine. This pain can be sharp and burning in the lower spine or can even be one-sided. It may also worsen during sleep as a consequence of the expanding uterus.
  • Pelvic pain is quite normal during pregnancym as it occurs due to the changes in the pelvic bone to accommodate the growth of the uterus and help during birth.
  • Thigh pain in pregnancy can be caused due to the lack of blood supply reaching the thighs. The soft tissues swell up due to the pressure from the growing uterus.
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There are also a few specific reasons that can contribute to the ache:

  • Changes in Weight: During pregnancy, women gain up to 10-15 kilograms. Moreover, as the months pass and the delivery date approaches, the body gradually shifts the weight of the baby onto your pelvic ligaments which adds further aches.
  • Hormonal Changes: During pregnancy, the body releases a hormone known as relaxin, which is responsible for relaxing the joint and ligaments. It makes the body softer so that it can easily expand to make room for the baby to grow. Relaxin can also loosen the spinal cord which can cause instability and pain.
  • Stress: Emotional stress can also lead to muscle tension in the back. This pain can also cause spasms.
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Home remedies

However, there are plenty of remedies that doctors and medical practitioners recommend that can lessen your pain:

1. Exercise

Regular exercise can strengthen the body and improve flexibility. If you can, give prenatal yoga a try! This can easily decrease the stress on your spine and help you relax. Other safe exercises include swimming, walking, or stationary cycling. It is always recommended to consult with your doctor before you take up any of these activities.
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