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4 things to do when your ex reaches out to you on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Everyone has different feelings about the love-centric holiday, whether you’re single, have just started dating someone, or are in a serious relationship. But what if an ex contacts you on Valentine’s Day?


If an ex tries to reach you, they may be trying to take advantage of your vulnerability (which is not nice!) or they may genuinely miss you and want to reconcile.


Come what may, one should never let the emotions surrounding Valentine’s Day affect your behaviour.


If you do hear from an ex on Valentine’s Day, here are 4 things that we recommend you to do.

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1. Think about how it will affect you

This can be a very painful experience, but it can also be the beginning of a rekindled relationship. Before responding, consider what you want from the communication and how it will affect you. Old relationships frequently carry old wounds and unanswered questions. Take a pass if you believe that making contact will bring this up for you and jeopardize your hard-earned happiness.


2. Remind yourself of how the relationship ended

The first thing to consider is how your relationship ended and what terms you and your ex agreed to. Check to see if the person who is reaching out has a specific goal in mind. When deciding whether or not to contact them back, you should consider why you broke up. It’s fine to respond if you’re happy to hear from them.

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3. Take your time responding

You may feel rushed to respond, but taking your time can ensure that you’re satisfied with your response to your ex and that you’re actually prepared to speak with them. If you believe their intentions are good, they will understand your reluctance. Keep in mind that this may be the only re-opened communication for a while, so you should be prepared to respond accordingly.


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4. Have a word with a reliable friend

Talking it out is the best way to clarify your thoughts. Instead of responding with a text, take a breather and call a friend. In case you forgot, they can also remind you of all the reasons you’re not together. If you’re unsure what to do, consult with a trusted friend. Chances are, they’ll gladly tell you the truth.


Do whatever makes you the happiest at the end of the day. People have a variety of reasons for wanting to contact an ex, and sometimes they don’t even fully understand why they are reaching out.

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