5 acts of kindness to adopt when dating online

Putting yourself out there can be nerve-wracking and sometimes all you need is an act of kindness and a compassionate gesture for a comfortable dating experience.

According to a recent survey by a dating app, emotional connection (60%) and kindness (55%) top the charts, followed by empathy (32%), as priorities when it comes to dating someone or choosing a potential partner.

Besides love, all you need is kindness and empathy towards others. And that’s one of the essential rules of dating.

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Here are some tips on the acts of kindness one should adopt when getting to know someone online:

1. Respect boundaries
Be patient with people you are connecting with as you get to know them better. If someone has not responded, give them time and space to connect with you. They may have other priorities to attend to and this doesn’t immediately translate to them not being interested. Give them the space to respond in their own time and get to know you when they can give you their full attention. Respecting someone’s boundaries is vital.

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