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5 comfortable s*x positions during pregnancy

Getting pregnant does not mean a woman has lost her libido. Except in some cases, penetrative sex is possible in any of the three pregnancy trimesters.

In the second trimester, it is normal to feel extremely horny because there is more blood flowing to the genitals.

The first trimester is usually full of morning sickness and fatigue and that might not put a woman in the mood for sex. During the last trimester, be careful to prevent preterm labour.

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It is essential to have as much sex as you can before the baby comes because the decline in your sex life when the baby arrives would be drastic and abrupt.

There are circumstances like placenta previa that can make sex unsafe, placenta previa is when the placenta is near or covers the cervix and makes penetrative sex risky.

In any other event, pregnancy sex is safe. Here are some positions that will prioritize comfort;

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1. Rear entry
This is not anal sex but it is when the woman is on all fours and vaginal penetration happens that way. This position allows for deeper penetration but if you notice some spotting or bleeding afterwards, don’t be worried, it is normal.

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