5 medical conditions that can cause body odour

Admit it or not, body odour is a very common thing but no one talks about it openly.

This is because people who get body odour are considered to be unhygienic which is making their bodies smell foul. However, this is not the case every time.

There are many reasons why body odour could be occurring including certain medical conditions. Ignoring smelly sweat and stinky armpits for long could mean that you are escaping from the potential problem.

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A lot of people do not know why body odour is caused and so, this article focuses on medical conditions that cause body odour.

Health conditions that cause body odour

Changes in your health internally can affect you externally. When your body is going through some problem, it might give signals. Body odour is one such signal that your body gives about your internal health.

Here are seven health issues that cause body odour.

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1. Bromhidrosis

To begin with, a health condition that is identified as extreme body odour is Bromhidrosis. This is caused when the bacteria present in your skin release a weird smell by breaking down the sweat. People who sweat profusely are highly likely to experience this condition. There are two types of Bromhidrosis-

  • Eccrine– Rare form of Bromhidrosis where body odour comes from hands, feet, torso and head. The eccrine gland is responsible for causing this condition.
  • Apocrine– This is the most common type which makes your armpits and genital areas smell really bad. The apocrine gland is responsible for this condition due to excessive sweating.
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