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5 More Misconceptions People Have About Anal S*x

Earlier, we spoke about . Most of these fears are not true but they’ve been perpetrated for so long that they have become the truth.
According to Dr Kat Van Kirk, a family therapist and clinical sexologist who had a sit down with Cosmopolitan threw more light on the matter.

 1: Your asshole will stretch out

People have the misconception that the elasticity of the anus will break.
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Fact: This idea has been everywhere, just like how people said the vagina would never return to its normal size after childbirth, it is not true. will not lead to loss of control over bowel movement, that was a rumour that started in the late seventies about men who were involved in anal sex. On the other hand, anal sex can train your body on how to relax, and a lot of this preparation is mental, the mind and body is relaxed which is why you see those porn stars take all sorts of huge dicks.

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