5 sneaky signs your man isn’t enjoying s*x with you

What everyone agrees to, though, is that s*x is very important to the happiness in a relationship.

Sex creates stronger bonds, it is the one thing that you can’t [ideally] do with anyone else than your partner.

It is the exclusive thing you share with them and for that reason, it take a exalted place when many people list the things they want in a potential relationship.

It’s not just sex that people want though. It is good sex, satisfactory sex. In the way that your partner likes and desires from you constantly. And it is important to give it to them in that way.

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Below, we list the things you will see if your partner does not really enjoy sex with you that much.

1. Many excuses
Men are usually ready and raring to go. So if your partner who usually can’t get his hands off you and always wants to initiate sex at all times and at all places suddenly begins to pull back and generate excuses for why he does not want to sleep with you, it could be because he’s not enjoying it.

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It could also be some stress or health disorder too.

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