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5 ways to set your child up for future success

There are so many factors that determine how successful each individual will be. Some can be influenced by us and the and the opportunities around us while others are totally beyond our control.

Hence, why this is a no catch-all guide that gives you 100% assurance of your child’s future success, but more of stepping stones and foundations that must be established and kept constant.

1. Ensure they get enough sleep daily

For Children, sleep is one of the most important activities in their day-to-day lives. This goes beyond just the amount of sleep hours they get but also the consistency of their sleep schedule factors into their success. Did you know? Regular naps, for instance, are important for your toddler’s ability to learn, process and apply new language concepts in an abstract way.

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A support system comprises individuals who provide support, respect, and care. These are people who are in your corner, who truly understand you and communicate with you in the language you understand. They do not judge you or ridicule you. They provide feedback that is genuine, constructive and in your best interest. You need support systems both at home and in your child’s school

3. Scrutinize their screen time thoroughly

TV, Phones, Tabs and other media channels that children engage in are not evil as we like to paint them. In fact, they can be great learning channels for kids if used properly. Opt for shows and programs that can help them grow and learn new things, develop their vocabulary, enhance their problem solving skills and so on.

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