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7 things you should never do early in a relationship

When you’re just getting to know somebody who is boyfriend/girlfriend material, it can be both thrilling and stressful.

You enjoy getting to know what makes each other tick. But there’s also a great deal of uncertainty. You worry that you’ll say something or behave in a way that leads them to believe you’re a big weirdo.

However, there are ways to minimize the risks of saying or doing something that kills the relationship before it’s really even begun. Here are 7 no-nos that you should avoid early in the relationship.

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Acting too needy/clingy
It’s natural that at the beginning of a relationship, you would want to spend as much time with somebody as possible. The feeling is probably mutual, but don’t allow yourself to feel jealous or resentful. As your relationship grows, they will be more willing to integrate you into their broader social life, including getting to know their closest friends. It’s important that you both continue to have lives outside of your relationship.

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