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8 types of friends who will ruin your relationships

If you are vigilant, you will see signs your friends are trying to ruin your relationship.

Some friends can be mean, envious and wicked. Friendsruining relationships is not a new thing but you shouldn’t allow it happen to you.

Unfortunately, friends sabotaging relationships happens all the time. If you truly care for the person you are dating now and the feeling is mutual, don’t let your friend ruin your relationship. Don’t allow them destroy the beautiful thing you are building.

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You should know what to do when someone tries to ruin your relationship but first, you have to know the signs to look out for that their intentions are to ruin your love life.

Watch out for these signs that reveal your friends want to ruin your relationship.

1. They think your date is not good enough for you

You just met someone you like and they fit into your life but your friends think otherwise, look well. They may be trying to ruin your relationship.

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