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A Kidney Now Costs $262,000; Heart, $119,000 – UN Warns Nigerians!

Africans have been warned by the UN to be wary of organ traffickers who pose as employers due to the Middle East’s booming black market for human body parts.

The UN warned Africans to be wary of organ harvesters who pose as employers in the Middle East in a message that was posted on its website and viewed by SaharaReporters.

It however did not mention the name of any country in the gulf region.

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The UN noted that the black marketers pay $262,000 for a kidney, an equivalence of about N157 million.

The document entitled, United Nations Alert, states, “the black market for parts of the human body is booming in the Middle East.

“A kidney now costs 262,000 dollars (131 million CFA francs); the heart costs 119,000 dollars (60 million CFA francs) and the liver costs 157,000 dollars (79 million CFA francs).

“Beware of fake foreign agencies promising to make you work abroad. They process your papers, pay your plane ticket and just take you abroad pretending they want to find you a job, but instead, they kill their victims, recover all the precious parts of their bodies.

“Many people have been offered jobs in the Middle East and so far their families have been unable to locate them,” the UN alert read.

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