Nkechi Blessing Knocks Down A Follower Who Slammed Her For Making Fun Of BBNaija’s Yousef

Actress Nkechi Blessing has knocked down a follower who slammed her for making fun of BBNaija’s Yousef for pronouncing a word funnily because of his accent.
Yousef speaking with Peace pronounced ‘veto’ power as ‘beto’ power and Nkechi Blessing reacting to that made fun of his ascent calling him Aboki Namu which got a follower of hers angry, and he slammed her for that.

The follower commenting on the post of Nkechi Blessing said she’s crazy for making such a comment and she herself knows it’s stupid and insensitive of her to make fun of someone because of his accent, something that almost everyone has a problem with depending on where you find yourself.

Nkechi Blessing replying to the comment of the follower knocked him down saying she isn’t as crazy as his useless father since he has refused to laugh like the rest of the people who got the joke she made about Yousef’s accent which wasn’t anything bad to warrant such insult.

Yousef is a half Indian hence he will definitely find difficulty is speaking efficiently like the rest of the housemates and his pronunciation alone has got Nkechi Blessing and her follower fighting as they both seem to be on different sides.

Almost everyone is laughing at how Yousef pronounced the word but this follower of Nkechi Blessing thinks she should have done more than joining the bandwagon to make fun of someone because of his accent and pronunciation.

Screenshot below;

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